The huge Muscovite crowd, the organizers announced over 300 000 people ...  We had never seen this in our whole lives!
Meanwhile in the camp a multitude of things are presented to the public, here is a short excerpt. Departing for a  morning military   maneuver. Our friends the Italian dancers  of Ninuphar Eventi  were also in Moscow. Imperial Triumph. A slave Market.

A Franco-Austrian team of specialists is presenting the makeup and feminine beauty.

Dr Sandrine Viollet surrounded by great men’s of the republic,  with our great man: Patrick Montcerisier. Maria is a very effective  Russian interpreter. On Red Square along with the Italians and Romanians. Russia is also the last performance of our beloved Senator.  We will miss you Pvblivs Maximvs Vmber. In front of one of the festival posters.

In the suburbs of Moscow along the Moscow River, the beautiful outdoor historical museum Kolomenskoe, a huge park where are rebuilt the emblematic historic wooden buildings of the Russian history.

Nicolay  Zigalov & Dmitriy Garanin two young and brave Russians who joined our ranks to replace on a short notice two of our soldiers who were unable to obtain visas in time. Two great guys!

The game booth is handled with passion by Sandrine and Julie. A multi-media advertising campaign was  organized; our Aquilifer was on one  of them. In Russia everything is big, the country and the heart of the people.

The big departure of our equipment by air freight and the long customs control by the Russians upon arrival.

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